Don’t Be Taken In By The Big Tease

The deals sound hot: no or very low interest rates or no payments for a year. But it’s easy to get burned. These teaser terms from auto dealers, furniture and department stores, and other financial institutions have more catches than an All Star shortstop. For starters, “Not all buyers will qualify.” That’s because many offers are available only to those with excellent credit scores. Some of the special deals are limited to certain makes and models of autos, usually vehicles that are not selling well. Or the offer requires you to make a big down payment. Furniture and department store credit promotions usually neglect to emphasize that unless you pay off the total amount by the due date, interest will accumulate from the date of sale. At other financial institutions, the low rate is only available if you sign on for a number of other services you may not want.

Remember, “What the big print promises, the small print taketh away.” For competitive loan rates without the if’s, and’s and but’s, check out our rates. We’re here to provide fairly priced credit without a lot of strings attached. Always check with us first to be sure you’re getting the best rate and terms available. We’re on your side and if you can get a better deal somewhere else, we’ll tell you that, too. If you need a loan, see the credit union.

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