Thoughts from the President:
If you’re trying to get ahead, rest assured, we’re totally Thoughts President behind you.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, Allsteel Credit Union exists to help our members succeed financially. That’s been our unwavering mission since we first opened our doors in 1936.

What makes us different from other financial institutions? For starters, we truly care about the people we serve. Our members aren’t customers. They’re actually owners of the credit union. Everything we do is for you and all our other members.

That’s why we regularly take steps to review our policies and procedures, as well as our services. Our goal is to ensure we’re consistently and uncompromisingly serving the best interests of our members. Those best interests include saving members money. But our commitment encompasses much more.

For instance, we’re always seeking ways to simplify your life and help reduce stress. That’s why last year we introduced our Mobile Banking app and Mobile Deposit (see story on page 2). They’re designed to accommodate today’s busy, active lifestyles. By this summer, you’ll also be able to make payments on any Allsteel loan using a credit card you have from another financial institution.

In addition, nothing is more important to us than protecting your personal privacy and account security. In 2015, we made available new, advanced EMV chip credit cards that reduce the risk of fraud — and this year we’ll be issuing debit cards with the EMV chip, as well.

So, no matter what, as you go about your daily routine and the business of living your life, you can always be assured of one thing. All of us at Allsteel Credit Union have your back, now and in the years ahead.

Robin L. Lamb
Robin L. Lamb

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