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The topics in our January 2013 issue:

Better Than Ever: Look To Allsteel Credit Union
For All Your Financial Needs

A recent global survey conducted by the accounting and consulting firm Ernst & Young found consumers are taking control of their relationships with financial institutions. Learn More ›

Message from the President
We're Better Together: Thank You!

Hard as it is to believe, another year is in the history books, marking 18 years since your credit union moved to its current location. Even harder to believe is that your credit union will celebrate its 77th anniversary in March. Learn More ›

Mark Your Calendar

Whether you enter important dates in your tablet, computer or mobile phone, or on a wall, desk or pocket planner calendar, here are two dates to add for 2013. Learn More ›

Cleaning Files? Protect Yourself From ID Theft

Start the year out right by clearing out your files. As a general rule of thumb, you can toss monthly statements once you have reconciled them with your year-end statements.Learn More ›

Balance Question? We’re Wherever You Are

Your credit union account information is at your fingertips. Call our automated teller, Speedy Line, at 800-814-9056 or access your account online.

Watch For Tax Info

Signs that spring is on its way: The days are getting longer and your mail box is filling up with tax forms. Unless your account earned less than $10 in interest during 2012, look for your Form 1099 from the credit union. Your 1098 will arrive separately. The balance in your Individual Retirement Account is the Fair Market Value reported to the Internal Revenue Service.