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Using ATMYou also may be aware that the new regulations affect the fees that financial institutions may charge for overdrafts. At Allsteel Credit Union, we do not offer an overdraft protection program believing that it's a good money management practice to not spend money you don’t have. If your account doesn’t have sufficient funds, your debit card transaction at an ATM or a merchant may not go through. If in a rare occurrence a debit card transaction does cause an overdraft, we will not assess our normal $20 NSF fee.

For a $3 fee, we do offer an automatic transfer from savings. If you overdraw your checking account with any transaction and you have sufficient funds in savings to cover it, there is a $3 fee for the system to generate the transfer. Of course, you can monitor your accounts and make sure you transfer funds from savings to checking yourself and you will avoid the transfer fee. Checking your balance and initiating a transfer is easy: You can do so at an ATM, through our on-line branch at, or with the audio response system, Speedy Line at 1-800-814-9056.

Remember, we cannot control whether the owner of an ATM surcharges a transaction. You can use your Allsteel Credit Union Visa Check Card at any ATM bearing the Visa logo. For a listing of locations, including those that are surcharge free, please visit:

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