Message from the President

Dear Member:
Baseball's Yogi Berra said it best, "The future ain't what it used to be." No where is that more true than in the world of financial services. New technology is making it possible to perform many money management tasks with just a tap here and a click there. Of course, at Allsteel Credit Union, we still offer the high-touch service you know and love. But we’re also investigating a number of high-tech options based on your comments and feedback, among them:

  • The ability to make your Allsteel Credit Union loan payments via PayPal, allowing you to use your credit card, even one from another financial institution, to do so and to apply for loans online at or through our mobile website
  • A fully functional mobile app to use to apply for loans on-line and remotely capture deposits as well as access home banking and our mobile website
  • A kiosk at the credit union that provides the ability to fill out membership and loan applications on-line rather than with pen in hand

While we may not be able to tackle all of these, we are certainly looking into them, and if possible, we plan to offer as many as we can handle and afford. Please keep letting us know how we can serve you best. And, if you need more information, call or stop in. We know even the smartest technology can’t always replace the personal touch.

Robin Lamb

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