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The topics in our July 2014 issue:

Coming Soon! Mobile App and Remote Deposit Capture

Dick Tracy may have had his wristwatch, but soon, you’ll be able to fit Allsteel Credit Union in the palm of your hand. We are in the final stages of choosing a partner to be able to offer a mobile app.Learn More ›

Get the Financial Facts

Are you like one of the nearly two-thirds of Americans responding to a survey who said they were making only “fair” or “no” progress in meeting their savings needs?Learn More ›

College Still Smart Choice

Despite the high cost, new data show that college is worth it. Americans with four-year college degrees made 98 percent more an hour on average in 2013 than people without a degree.Learn More ›

Bring Your Box Tops for Education

Here’s an easy way to help improve our schools: Save those Box Tops for Education and bring them to the credit union. We’ll make sure local schools receive them.

Keep Saving with Sprint: Verify Your Credit Union Membership

Allsteel Credit Union is pleased to offer monthly wireless discounts to members with the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount. If you’re already enjoying the savings from this Invest in America program, we want to make sure you continue to do so.Learn More ›

Sharing our Good Fortune

Fifty members participated in the Allsteel Credit Union annual meeting held March 27, catching up on the business of the credit union, enjoying a delicious dinner catered by Pizza Cucina, 12 Merchants Drive, Oswego and vying for $428 in door prizes.Learn More ›

Fun on Sale

If you’re headed to Six Flags Great America this summer, make the credit union your first stop.

Purchase your passes at Allsteel Credit Union and save. An Any Day Pass is only $41 at the credit union ($42 online) compared with the gate price of $66.94. A season pass is $75 at the credit union (office or online),a savings of $9.45 over the $84.45 gate price.Order Online ›