The most valuable possession to protect could be your personal identity. Here’s some good advice on how to achieve that.

Woman using laptopIf it isn’t already, safeguarding your personal information should be among your top priorities. That’s because having your identity stolen and your accounts fraudulently accessed can wreak havoc in your personal life — and could take years to recover from.

Today, identity theft is proliferating by leaps and bounds, with countless cyberthieves, scam artists and criminal organizations constantly vying to steal your data around the clock, from around the world.

That means it’s more critical than ever to exercise extreme caution. Think before clicking on unfamiliar email links or opening unsolicited attachments. Also, be wary of online pop-up messages that ask for information. And on the phone, don’t divulge information to unsolicited callers who often fraudulently pose as a charitable organization or even as a threatening IRS agent.

Always use common sense. When in doubt about doing something that could put your sensitive personal information at any risk — simply don’t do it.

To learn more about fraud, identity theft and cybercrime, search “Consumer Resources” where you’ll find informative links to government and other websites covering a variety of concerns and offering valuable advice.

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