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The topics in our July 2016 issue:

Transfer a balance to an Allsteel Visa card and save right away with a great 2.99% APR.

Now through September 15, 2016, transfer higher-rate credit card balances to your Allsteel Visa card and enjoy a 2.99% promotional Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on the transferred balances for two years.Learn More ›

The most valuable possession to protect could be your personal identity. Here’s some good advice on how to achieve that.

If it isn’t already, safeguarding your personal information should be among your top priorities. That’s because having your identity stolen and your accounts fraudulently accessed can wreak havoc in your personal life — and could take years to recover from.Learn More ›

Enjoy free dividend-earning checking — plus the convenience of eStatements.

At Allsteel Credit Union, we’re all about putting more money in your pocket. That’s one reason why, unlike other financial institutions, we pay dividends on every checking account balance — whether it’s big or small.Learn More ›

Think buying a car is complicated? We make it easy.

We think buying a car should be fun and hassle-free. That’s why we do everything we can to make the whole process a truly pleasant one.Learn More ›

Going to college? Educate yourself on ways to control student debt.

Dealing with the financial aftermath of attaining a higher education can often be challenging, if not overwhelming. Here some guidelines that can help you make sure student debt doesn’t haunt you for years to come.Learn More ›

Want to free up some time? Make a deposit using your mobile device.

It’s great to have options for managing your money. One of our newest services lets you quickly make a deposit %#151; without making a time-consuming trip to the credit union or an ATM.Learn More ›

Thoughts from the President: At our credit union, we’re not just different. We think we’re better.

You probably see a lot of communications from many different financial institutions. But ask yourself, “Whose interests are they really serving?”Learn More ›