Thoughts from the President:
Our credit union has always been run by people who really care. We were fortunate to have one of the greats.

Behind every successful credit union is a dedicated board of directors. And behind the best boards is at least one very inspiring person. At Allsteel Credit Union, that someone was Herbert Jebens, or simply “Hap” as we loved calling him.

Prior to his passing at age 88 on April 11, Hap was employed at Allsteel Inc. for nearly four decades, served as a volunteer member of Allsteel Credit Union’s board for over six decades and was one of only three treasurers in our credit union’s 80-year history. Those tenures are indicative of this man’s deep sense of loyalty, commitment to others and tenacity to succeed.

Elected as a director by our credit union’s membership in 1954, Hap, who also was president of Allsteel Credit Union from 1989 to 1994, truly was a man of the people, by the people, for the people. He embodied everything good about credit unions, and he worked tirelessly to help save members money whenever and wherever possible.

We learned so much from Hap, as he diligently oversaw the credit union’s operations, including financial reporting, as well as the management of cash and investments. All to make sure that every cent of our members’ money continued to be safe and secure.

Deeply devoted to family, church and community, he was thoroughly committed to his credit union too; the staff, fellow directors and membership were all beneficiaries of his endless wisdom and thoughtfulness.

No one will miss Hap more than I will. He was the heart and soul of Allsteel Credit Union — a sterling example of how to live a meaningful life.

I was deeply honored to take over as president from this great man, and I promise to keep spreading the kindness and “Hap”piness he bestowed on so many lives around us.

Robin L Lamb
Robin L. Lamb

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