Personal Loans

100% Share Secured Loan. For many people, savings are like a bag of chips: Once liberated, everything's gone. If you've worked hard to build up your savings, leave it alone. Use it as collateral instead and get a great rate on a share secured loan.

Signature Loan. Shakespeare asked, What's in a name? At Allsteel, it's your passport to cash for any good reason. We offer great rates in a variety of terms to meet your needs.

Credit Builder. Maybe your credit score has taken a hit because you hit a rough patch or made a bad choice. Or because of your youth, you haven't had the chance to borrow so you don't even have a score yet. We have just the remedy for you. Learn More >

Emergency Loan. Life happens. And, while time is supposed to keep everything from happening at once, it seems as though emergencies never travel alone.

Now you have an alternative to a payday loan or cash store to pay your bills. Borrow up to  $250 for a 3-month term and pay no more than 20% APR*,  with a $20 application fee. Borrow $251 to $500 for a 6-month term at 20% APR, with a $40 application fee. Monthly payments on the three-month $250 loan are $86.13 per month or $88.26 per month on the six-month $500 loan.Learn More >

Ready to borrow? Check our rates. Then apply any of four easy ways.

  1. Apply online for a personal, auto or boat loan.

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  2. Apply in person at the credit union.
  3. Call us at 630-906-2050 or 800-467-3162.
  4. Or download an application. (You'll need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher to view and print the document.)

    After you complete the application, mail it to:
    Allsteel Credit Union,
    1 W. Merchants Drive
    Oswego, IL 60543

Interested in Loan Protection Insurance or Credit Disability Insurance? Click here.